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Disaster Recovery as a Service: Key Benefits

It is crucial for businesses of any size to develop a plan to recover data in the event that it is lost. Disaster recovery involves the tools, policies and procedures that allow the replication or recovery of vital technology that potentially could be lost due to human or nature induced technology failure. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a somewhat new service that allows any business who utilizes technology and stores data to continue to operate after an event that causes data loss.

Though backups are critical for disaster recovery, DRaaS is so much more. DRaaS begins with understanding and consultation of individual business technology framework including being compliant to industry specific regulations.  In the event of data loss, a replica of IT infrastructure is available, and any lost data must be restore in a timely manner. A disaster recovery plan is crucial for business life, which is why it is important to customize a plan to fit business requirements. Some key benefits to DRaaS:

Rapid Recovery

In the event that a business does face downtime, working with a disaster recovery provider will provide the backup and implementations necessary to get a business back on their feet. A customized DR plan allows DRaaS providers the ability to define each step to ensure a rapid restore. Predetermine steps allow providers the ability to help businesses back to their feet.

Resource Availability

Technology is always evolving, meaning disaster recovery plans must evolve as well. Based on resources available, a disaster recovery provider will create a plan based on company size, industry, and needs.

There are multiple types of disaster recovery: data center, cloud-based, and virtualization disaster recovery. Based on resource availability and business margins, allows determining the right DR solution to fit business needs is relatively straightforward.


To implement a successful disaster recovery plan; a DR provider should audit the current security framework. While technology develops, it is important to monitor a disaster recovery plan to ensure the plan is up to par with current security technique. Monitoring allows providers to ensure businesses are taking the most up to date security measures, perform upgrades where needed, and keep all security appliances / applications up to date.

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