Cloud Services

On-demand cloud computing is expanding the reach of growing entities. Our trusted partnerships allow us to determine scalable cloud services for any organization. With certified staff in cloud services using Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud Services, VMware, Citrix, Dropbox for Business, and Cisco, CompuOne has a successful track record migrating clients to the cloud.

San Diego Cloud Services:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Applications, Email and Calendar, Exchange Hosting, Microsoft Teams, Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Scalable backup and restoration of electronic records in a cloud computing environment.

Public Cloud

Cloud computing that is considered a multi-tenant environment with many platforms.

Private Cloud

CompuOne can design and host a private virtual cloud for organizations that require highest level of security and support.

Hybrid Cloud

Public and private cloud connecting infrastructures allowing for organizations to orchestrate workloads across both environments.

Let us migrate your business to the cloud

1. Flexibility

Cloud based applications are scalable. Businesses who use cloud computing are able to scale up and down based on their needs and pay as they use the services.

2. High Availability

Access to services, tools, and business data can be made available from virtually everywhere.

3. Increased Collaboration

Teams are able to access and edit documents at anytime from anywhere. File sharing apps and cloud-based workflow allow for real time updates.

4. Reduction in Capital Expenditure

The use of cloud based services can reduce hardware costs and costs of utilities.

Move your business data to the cloud