Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365: What You Need to Know

As a business it is important to know the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365, while most people use the terms interchangeably they are different.  While both are extremely helpful to businesses of any size, and it is easy to determine which route to go based on needs.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is subscription based productivity applications. Due to high demand, Office 365 offers a wide variety of applications:

  • Outlook
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote
  • Exchange
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams

Applications used to increase business productivity. Office 365 is a cloud based suite of applications, they are accessible from virtually anywhere. Most noteworthy, There are three subscription plans for businesses: Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Business Essentials. Any of which are available at an annual or monthly commitment.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are not the same. Microsoft 365 is much more than applications, it is a complete solution.

So, here is what makes Microsoft 365 different from Office 365:

  • Includes all Office 365 applications.
  • Includes a Windows 10 upgrade.
  • Increased security options.

There are three separate versions of Microsoft 365: business, enterprise, and education. While they all have similarities it is important to know the difference between the business and enterprise subscriptions.

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business is for small to medium sized businesses. It is able to support up to 300 users with different pricing and availability. Microsoft 365 Business allows for a single console to manage user and device settings, automatic office application deployment to Windows 10 devices and also includes Windows Autopilot.

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 Business uses Windows Defender to help protect your business from malware, viruses, and other forms of unauthorized access to business network. Also it includes security controls to protect company data across multiple platforms, including employee’s personal devices.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

This solution is designed for large organizations and includes Office 365 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility and Security. Also, it includes services like information protection, compliance, and analytics.  As a result, there are different levels of Microsoft Enterprise, the capabilities are different depending on what level is chosen.

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