Manufacturing Expansion Into Mexico


A manufacturing company reached capacity in the U.S. based plant. The organization decided to expand business into Mexico. For that reason, they required a new IT infrastructure to support Mexico plant and allow communication between plants.


There were four major challenges regarding the manufacturing expansion into Mexico: First, the plant needed to perform EDI function similar to the United States. Second, finding the talent to support ERD. Third, the security of the plant. Protection against cyber attacks, and equipment protection from theft. Lastly, communication lines for voice and video to the U.S. with no cost.


With a set time frame, CompuOne successfully streamlined many solutions to help open the new plant. Here are some examples: Wireless access points installed throughout the 6000 sqft. facility for connectivity. Also, a private cloud built in the U.S. to store data. Virtual desktops deployed to allow for expansion. Firewalls set up to increase security. Lastly, a tunnel VPN created with U.S. phones.


The results of the plant expansion was beyond expectations. Private cloud allows all data to be stored in the U.S. Which reduces costs by not having to build an additional server room in Mexico. Equipment security improved due to virtual desktops deployed on monitors with no OS. Movable carts with cameras and Skype for Business increased communication with U.S. plant at little cost. This allowed for proper training with new employees across country lines.