When technology is at the end of it’s “useful life,” what happens to it? Consumers and businesses usually upgrade due to problems with their current technology. Computers and phones don’t have a long lifespan. Let’s face it: most businesses and homes have a special place for old technology collecting dust.

So what should we do with our old computers, laptops, cellphones, etc? In this blog we highlight responsible ways of discarding unwanted tech.

Do NOT Throw Electronics In Trash

Never throw away electronics. Once technology is at the end of it’s “useful life” it is considered e-waste.  Old tech is not e-waste until thrown away, donated, or recycled. Certain components of e-waste are harmful if thrown away improperly.   Consider this before tossing your old tech

  • It Could Be Illegal: States such as California, have laws against throwing away electronics and computers in a landfill.
  •  E-waste Contains Hazardous Materials: Most technology is built with heavy metals & toxic materials, including mercury, lead, and carcinogenic chemicals. It is important to dispose of technology correctly to prevent harm to the environment.
  •  E-waste Is Still Valuable: Recoverable materials such as copper, aluminum, gold, silver, plastic and ferrous metals all hold value. Conserve natural resources and the energy needed to produce new electronics by finding a new option to dispose or utilize your old electronics.

Consider Donating Your Technology

More than likely, your businesses technology could be useful to someone your community. Organizations must wipe technology to industry regulation before donating. Research organizations that will take older electronics and refurbish them back into use. Here at CompuOne, we donate our old IT to an organization who then either refurbishes it or recycles it as e-waste.

Recycle Your Obsolete IT Assets

Recycling e-waste is environmentally friendly and a privacy protector. Wipe business technology prior to recycling, according to industry and regulation standards. When recycling e-waste it is important to use certified recyclers. Certified e-waste recyclers break down every piece of technology and gather recoverable materials which then will be put back into use.

CompuOne is committed to the donating and recycling technology. For more information on how to recycle your unused electronics, contact us.


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