Three types of virtualization

In business technology, virtualization is becoming far more integrated and advanced than ever before. In the digital world, there is no doubt that some form of virtualization will be introduced to a majority of companies in the upcoming future. So what is it?  Virtualization is creating a virtual resource of something.

There are multiple types of virtualizations that can serve various industries, business sizes, and functions. Companies are quick to adopt virtualizations as a productive tool, with increased efficiency, and refined security.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization, sometimes referred to VDI, is a common form for virtualization across various industries. Desktop virtualization is hosted on a centralized server, and can be accessed from virtually anywhere. It is common among education institutions and the manufacturing industry. IT experts are able to perform maintenance and upgrades easily, since desktops are all hosted on the same server.

Server Virtualization

To put server virtualization simply, it is segmentation of a physical server into numerous virtual servers. Server virtualization allows multiple servers to be hosted on a single machine. This will allow companies to divide the workloads, especially in IT departments. Server virtualization reduces costs due to minimized hardware use and increases productivity with the division of workloads.

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is an effortless and low cost way of storing data that many businesses could potential benefit from. There are multiple ways storage virtualization can work: it can be implemented within the storage itself, through dedicated appliances, or through software built to create storage virtualization.  It is a great tool for disaster recovery planning, since data that is stored virtually can be replicated and transferred securely.

Incorporating virtualization could be extremely beneficial in many different areas of a business. A managed IT services provider will help integrate virtualization based on company goals and needs. Please contact CompuOne today to learn more.

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