Disaster Recovery

Does your business’ foundation include an IT disaster recovery plan?

As business needs for collaboration, efficiency, and reliance on digital communication continue to grow, stakeholders turn to technology to drive their business to the next level. As technology becomes an integral part of the process, the need for risk management becomes more prevalent.

CompuOne’s disaster recovery solutions are constructed around organization needs, risk assessment, and acceptable downtime. We take preventive measures to reduce risks and provide a disaster recovery plan that will fit your business.

  • Assess Risk

    We assess existing disaster recovery capabilities and determine the most fitting plan with associated risk.

  • Recovery Point Objective

    Based on industry standard and business function we work will provide the most reliable type of backup at a predetermined frequency.

  • Recovery Time Objective

    The maximum amount of time the business is comfortable on being down after the event of a disaster.

  • Data Backup

    After determining RPO and RTO data backups will be conducted to business requirements.

Back Up Your Business