Private Cloud

Private Cloud Hosting – Secure cloud based single tenant dedicated environment. With the availability, efficiency, and agility of a public cloud, private cloud allows for a greater level of security and control.Our private cloud solutions are designed to organization specifications. It can be hosted in our private data center or at your own on-site data center.

Virtual Desktops / VDI

Access business data 24/7 without worry of information being lost. Virtual desktops allow data to be available on any device, at any time in a secure private cloud. CompuOne can support your virtual desktop infrastructure needs whether on your systems or CompuOne’s private data centers.

Virtual Servers

Hosted in our private data center or your own on-site data center, virtual servers provide robust and scalable environment for any organization. IT professionals can easily manage and update virtual servers. Deployment of new or test servers is easily achieved through cloud controller. Virtual servers can be used for any custom applications, such as on premise QuickBooks or Peachtree.

Website Hosting

High availability website hosting services provide fast, reliable, and secure network. We can customize access to your website from different geographical locations, blocking malicious IP addresses. Whether you need a dedicated server, multi-server, or a multi-tenant server for your website using Windows or Linux, CompuOne can accommodate customized solutions and pricing.


Dedicated virtual servers can be deployed using Microsoft Exchange cloud licensing platform to host an organizations email.

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Why Private Cloud Hosting?

Flexibility: Scalable cloud solutions behind a firewall. This enables greater end-user control.

Security: Dedicated hardware increased overall security. Furthermore, private cloud offers control who has access to business data. Also, private cloud ensures the proper physical and network security is in place.

Customization: Allows organizations to customize their cloud to specific needs and security requirements. To learn more about security requirements please see information about compliance.

Performance: Applications run at optimal efficiency, with fast response times.